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New Symbian Belle Dynamic E-mail,Microsoft Apps and Social V 1.5 widgets!!

It looks like Symbian Belle devices are getting Widgests treat nowadays.If you have been following Belle related news lately then you ,might have come across three awesome widgets which are now available for Symbian Belle devices 603,700,701 and will be available for N8,E7,C7,E6,X7,500 once they are updated to Symbian Belle.  Dynamic

First Microsoft Apps(Lync, one note) update arrives for Belle devices!!

As promised by Nokia in past Microsoft apps including Lync, One note arrives as an update for Symbian Belle devices.This is first of two updates which brings the following apps, Microsoft OneNote, for detailed note-taking Microsoft PowerPoint Broadcast, for showcasing your presentations over the internet Microsoft Document Connection, for managing files stored in

Our take on Nokia Q4 2011 results and the road ahead!!

Some quick highlights from Q4 2011 results: Strong balance sheet, with net cash and other liquid assets of EUR 5.6 again confirms that Nokia would not face financial risks (Take over,Bankruptcy) going ahead Symbian is again the face saver of Nokia with increased contribution of about 17 million devices in smartphone sales.This shows that on

Nokia Q4 results vs our Q4 predictions, Symbian still holding very well !!

Nokia Q4 2011 results Our predictions Mobile devices sales 113.5 million 117   million Smartphones 19.6   million 22   million Featurephones 93.9 95   million Lumia   sales Over 1   million 1.2   milion Meego   sales Not   declared 1.8   million Symbian   sales Not   declared 19 milion Interesting, isn't it. We came pretty close to predict Q4 2011 for Nokia. Nokia has not revealed

Nokia Q4 2011 results,Smartphones sales up by 17 %, Featurephones by 5% over Q3 2011 !!

Nokia Q4 2011 results are out and let us see quickly what are the highlights, Lumia range of smartphones, have sold well over 1 million Lumia devices to date Overall mobile devices sales 113.5 milion with 6% growth over Q3 2011 Solid Q4 performance in Featurephones (93.9 million units sold) with a growth of