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Updated: [Fake] Windows 10 PC / Mobile Build 15003 may be next, shows leaked screenshot

Update: This screenshot may be a fake.

Microsoft last pushed Windows 10 Mobile Build 14977 and Windows 10 PC Build 14986 to Windows Insiders in Fast Ring. It later announced that these were last Insider preview Builds for the Year 2016.

Now, Dona Sarkar has hinted that we can hope for a new build, the first one for 2017 on Thursday.

Now, a leaked screenshot hints about the Build number for this preview build. As per this leaked screenshot Windows 10 PC / Mobile Build 15003 may be the next. This build is not yet listed on BuildFeed however.

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  • NMBill

    So, we’re getting a new build that may or may not be Build 15003, or maybe not.

    • Pyrobri

      Must be a slow day in the office for news of a build that ‘may or may not exist’ and ‘may or may not be released on Thursday’ to cut muster!
      And I am not sure when ‘things go haywire at later stages of evaluation’ became a legitimate phrase when following software development..

    • Kamal

      Hmm!! Too many “May Bessssssssssss”