Samsung explored how to run Windows 10 & Android simultaneously on a Galaxy device, reveals a patent

A patent application filed in May 2015 reveals Samsung’s plan to explore technology enabling Windows 10 and Android OSes to run simultaneously on a Galaxy device. Dual-OS booting smartphone is not a new concept, but the patent in question envisions a scenario where two OS platforms can run in two split-screen windows.

samsung-dual-boot-Windows 10-Android-UI

Switching between these two OSes is like switching between two apps in a multi-window or split-screen multitasking scenario.

samsung-dual-boot-Windows 10-Android

The drawings also show that one can drag and drop files across the Windows Phone and Android running in separate windows side-by-side. Once minimized the OS will be limited to an icon on the screen and can be maximized again by tapping on it.

 samsung-dual-boot-Windows 10-Android-Folder

The patent clearly shows how Samsung is trying to hedge its risk of being over-reliant on Android. While it does have its own smartphone OS in Tizen, it may be secretly working on projects as depicted in the images above.

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