Lumia with 4.7-inch display & Single-Sim / Dual-Sim variants seen in Zauba records


It seems the 4.7 inch display Lumia with RM-1127 product code will have both Single Sim and Dual Sim variants. The latest Zauba records lists both of the variants as can be seen in the below screenshot. You can also notice the 5.7-inch Lumia 840 XL / Lumia 940 XL that we already reported.

RM-1127 dual

CEDACznUgAAf9W1One new device scoop here!! Latest Zauba records reveal one upcoming Lumia device yet again. The device with code RM-1127 is previously unknown and is listed in Zauba entries with 4.7-inch display and Single-Sim support. It is hard to tell what it can be, but the way Microsoft has gone about stuffing the low-end to lower mid-range with plethora of devices, it may be just one new addition.

Though, it may be somewhat related to Lumia 730 in range sporting 4.7-inch display and as the Zauba per unit price indicates may belong to Lumia 640 pricing category. Guess what it will be in comments below?

Thanks Adhithya for the tip. Cheers!!

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