Exclusive: Lumia 435 will join the Lumia range soon to redefine the entry-level. Specifications.

RM-1070So, guys and gals!! Be ready to welcome the latest Lumia family member, the Lumia 435 to the Lumia range, soon. Yes, we can now sort of confirm that Microsoft will take the Lumia range beyond 5XX series and the latest entry-level Lumia will be called Lumia 435.

We also believe that earlier leaked Lumia variants RM-1068, RM-1070, RM-1071, RM-1032, RM-1034  and RM-1069 belong to this device only, which will arrive globally in both Single-Sim and Dual-Sim avatars.

RM-1068, RM-1070, RM-1071, RM-1032, RM-1034 are the five variants that can be seen in above screenshots taken from FCC certifications of the device. As you can see RM-1068 and RM-1032 are Dual-Sim variants, while other three are Single-sim variants.

With its variants already passing certification in Indonesia and at FCC in USA, the 4-inch Lumia device which may have hardware touch-buttons and comes with a 800 x 480 resolution display (confirmed), looks destined for a sooner release.

The FCC report also reveals size specs of the device and it seems to have 118.1 x 64.7 mm size, which compares to Lumia 530 size specs of 119.7 x 62.3 mm.

Microsoft Mobile has earlier shared its intent to focus on making market for windows phone. For this Microsoft has planned to kill some future Nokia X family products and bringing them as additional low-cost Lumias for targeting the more affordable smartphone segments. Lumia 435 can be seen as Microsoft’s ultimate tool to take the fight to Android.

Leaked image from China:

105221f5z08tp8d8x0rzvd.jpg.thumbAnd now, Peter has been so kind to tip us with this image from China (though, we can’t confirm the veracity of this image). The size specs match to what was found in FCC certification for Lumia 435. On top of that you can see the Nokia X family design, so it all sums up well.

Lumia 435 Specifications & Features:

4-inch, 800×480 resolution display

118.1 x 64.7 mm

Snapdragon 200 processor

5 MP rear-camera

FFC ( yet to be confirmed)

We will share more details about Lumia 435, as we will gather it from our sources.

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  • JLIT99

    Essentially they took the Nokia X and put WP on it. A real shame.

  • It is Lumia 330
    check out the time.
    Every lumia launched has its number in the time.

    their wont be 430 as Nokia never launched phones with number 4

    • Kamal

      I can’t confirm whether the above image is real or fake, but Lumia 435 is coming and that’s what I can throw my weight behind..

    • Ben

      This is Microsoft (Microsoft Mobile) not Nokia anymore. So, numbers doesn’t matter. Microsoft can launch any number for its phones, since they own Lumia brand and phones, not Nokia. They can release a 1xx,2xx,3xx and the upcoming 4xx series. Because its simply their own branded phones and manufactured by them.

      • nep319

        Nokia has never used 4xx In their lineups…
        Bad luck number in Finland..
        But Microsoft don’t seem to care….

        • Not using the 4xx didn’t gave them any good luck either 😛 JK!

        • cyberangel777

          Bad luck number in Finland? 4 ????

          You know there’s this thing called Wikipedia…it’s not always absolutely right, but..

          In Finland it’s number 13…but not that people would really believe it nowadays.

  • its clone of my Nokia X :p

  • peter

    Have you seen this? http://m.weibo.cn/1871282724/3786924013634238 dimension matches exactly

    • Kamal

      Yes, indeed, thanks a lot. I am updating the article.